Thursday, September 26, 2013


verily, He said..
so those curses falls onto
Feel so right despite of bitterness
Again, guilty as I tried to denied His
whilst blessings pouring in ironic tones
Those melodious call whispered its charm
Now, doubt play its role like enchanting musics
press so hard into my living soul, suffocating belief
mourn dear, scream heartily like a roaring beast in silence.

silent? why voiceless..
probably too violence to be heard
or too sickened that thy limbs might broke
Again, guilty as I became stingy, kept it safe & sealed
isolated nature has become norm that ignorance offer peace
Now, being too alienated to thy own course invited emptiness
filling up every spaces, corner, that used to be rented and wasted
celebrate dear, scream heartily like a mad bride in silent sobbing.

Wewen's voice

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