Thursday, January 2, 2014

I hold my breath
tight as a ever
grasping oxygen
so close..thy heavy eyes
let thyself drunk
into intoxicated show
whatever thy may called it
dripping rain from thy eye bank
bloody rage from thy rotten heart
witnessed by blind eyes
poor thee...spare thyself 
screaming so loud 
sobbing as delightful as laughing
heard by deaf ears
poor thee..spare thyself

So I witnessed thy hypnotized skull
from afar thrilled by fear
could hardly show 
any trace of emotion...
so cold and cruel
she is not a lunatic
like what the people asserts
I am a helpless witness
too afraid to move forward
to walk thy out from that speculation

Letting thyself disguise 
by fake persona
a fool that let thyself suicide 
those brave heart..

What are you now?
 a cowardice weeping
over and over again
trying to be someone else.

wewen's voice

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