Friday, April 24, 2015

The Youngest of all

The day my father died, I was there very late, luckily they waited for me to at least see him for the last time, it was the saddest part of my life as if all my happiness was taken away unwillingly. above all, what really broke my heart apart from sending him off from this world is the youngest in the family, my lil brother. For us he was and still forever a baby, delicate and fragile..and the fact he had to witnessed that day really broke my heart.

I remembered seeing him standing still at the corner, mouth shut tightly, without shedding any tears..he was just too shocked, he got numb. His eyes fixed on my father's death body, he stood there for hours. Just when the body moved and raised by people to be taken out of the house, He start screaming hysterically shouting while begging them not to cover his face, "He is not death, He's still alive" he scream with all his heart. Even at the cemetery he begs, not to buried him. Even until today, reminiscent those days still bring tears to my eyes.

I remembered, few days after that I took him to town, we strolled around window shopping. throughout the time, he did not even said any words, just silently follow my lead. it was weird to see him shut his mouth tight without saying if he is hungry or even thirsty. So, I asked him if he wants to eat bread and drink soft drink, he said no. Despite of his refusal answer, I went on to the bread shop and take lots of bread, he seems worried by my action, but still keep quiet. later on he said:

" Ida, ambil roti yang paling murah sak la. satu pun sudah cukup"He said.
"Man nda pa bha, ambil sak mana kau mau" I insisted.

So he took two cheapest bread in the store, I added few more without looking at the price. He just stood still while checking at the price. Well, I figured out what worried him, its the price. Before this. when my father were still around, We never worried about this kind of thing. But Since he passed away, my lil bro don't even get food allowance to go to school and my mom just prepared him lunchbox.

After taking enough bread, I went on to the drink fridge to take soft drink. So I asked him what drink he wants:

"Man ambil la apa2 yang kau mo minum"I said.

He took one bottle of dutch lady milk with a smile. Then I asked him again;

"Itu sak? kalau mau..ambil la lagi" I said encourage him to add more drinks.
"Ida. ak ambil dua botol dutch lady lagi boleh ka? cukup ka duit mu untuk bayar?" He asked with hope.
"Ambil sak kalau mo dua" I assured him I can pay.

He grabbed another bottle of milk with delightful smile. That was the first time I saw him smile after My father passed away. I felt so sad and heartbroken looking at my youngest brother face, he was forced by nature to be matured at such a young age. When he ate all the bread happily, I felt that I must do my best and be the greatest sister that can bring smile to his face.

Now he is 18, so today I felt sad again as I heard my aunt spreading bad rumours about my lil bro. I know him well, He's not that bad, accusing him  for something that he didn't do really breaks my heart. Maybe he is a little naughty, but I trust him for he never lied to us. What ever wrong doing he did, he still tell us the truth. So, dear aunt, think again before badmouthing him. smeared his name won't earn you anything but a sin.

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