Sunday, May 5, 2013

Merry hours..

It was like those days when your friends around or even your family..those valuable time to be wasted together. How precious it is that almost every hours passed by filled with merriment and memories. we get to gab and chat to every topics no matter how ridiculous it is. Some snacks of jokes and the candy of laughter..filling the air.. how sweet those moment.

Well..merely imagination of how I pictured myself to be in my birthday..I don't need  cake, celebration, or even surprise..I just want someone to be around. I hate being alone or feeling empty on my special sucks !

I wish..I wish..if God still give me a chance to live until my 24th birthday..I wish I wish I'm not alone at that time..anyway, happy 23rd birthday to my beloved self. May merry days embraced me and blessing pouring over me. Amin.

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