Monday, September 30, 2013

Temporary files

I kind of forgot things easily, I realized it way back before. oh at first I thought it was just another product of ignorance because probably my brain keep on deleting some files because I don't think it is important enough. however, I think it's getting worst, I forgot my phone number (rare), I even forgot my timetable even though the class and venue never changed except it follows the same rotation every week.

what could be worse? I forgot name..oh yeah this is normal..the thing is I'm afraid that one day I'll lose all my memories, tracing them back would be another trouble, now I'm starting to forget faces too..recently, I felt that my mind is kind of empty..very unusual..I have to look at my notebook just to confirmed my daily routines..whenever something came across my mind or I felt like I've been through this before, it really feels like Dejavu.

I'm sad...a person without memories is like a blank paper. maybe there is a reason why this is happening to me..God knows why. He put me in this situation for some reason, hopefully I'll find out later..If one day I wake up and the world that I used to live in became a strange place for me, so there, the climax..

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