Thursday, October 3, 2013

I woke up and it takes time for me to digest..what am I doing just now? why did I lay down with my telekong..I saw Al-Quran right beside me. oh I thought I was dreaming. Nay..its not! I came back to reality where I forgot what did I do before I woke up with confusion. so I guess I must be praying before and maybe didn't realize I fell asleep. So the only way for me to comfort myself right now is by guessing the things that I forgot...

I pray I pray I pray that this is just temporary...I am too young and never get to enjoy my life yet. I am anti-social, confined in my room, rarely go out..yeah I never get to enjoy myself to the fullest so it is okay if I forgot all the bad things that caused pain in my chest but not the basic things that is crucial in my daily life.


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