Sunday, August 23, 2015


The fact that I always thought a guy with religious sense will be the one less likely to hurt me, but then I was treated like a shit. Sorry I meant no harm to those with pious looks or personality but please respect other human being. Being religious did not qualified you to judge nor downgraded someone else. Beside being a control freak and obsessive, well I can put up with that but having the feeling of being superior in patriarchal society, judging women, insulted me, always looked into my weaknesses to attack me..well that was so not Islamic. Well should I say, "Hypocrites" suits you better? If I was just a typical village girl with no education, perhaps I will just accepts such oppression. However, this is 20th century for god sake..I got education and career but you treat me like a stupid women? just who the hell are you feeling superior? damn your pious pretentious act as it won't buy me..nor fools me. I am not a feminist..but I do believe that we have our rights to get better treatment. I can't imagine living with you for the rest of my with such behaviours of yours that was so not noble at all.

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